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Frequently Asked Questions

We understand that when it comes to purchasing or exploring log cabins in Ireland, you may have some inquiries. This comprehensive FAQ section is designed to address the most common questions and concerns you may have. Whether you are seeking information about our cabin models, pricing, customization options, or the logistics of owning a log cabin, we are here to provide you with the answers you need. We have compiled a list of frequently asked questions to ensure that you have all the information necessary to make informed decisions and embark on your log cabin journey with confidence. Feel free to browse through the questions and answers below, and if you can’t find what you’re looking for, don’t hesitate to reach out to our friendly and knowledgeable team. We are committed to assisting you in every step of the way towards fulfilling your dream of owning a beautiful log cabin in the picturesque landscapes of Ireland.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, log cabin homes can be a cost-effective housing option. Their construction often requires less time and labor compared to traditional homes, potentially reducing overall building costs.
Yes, log cabin homes can be energy-efficient. The natural properties of wood provide good insulation, and additional insulation materials can be added to enhance energy efficiency further.
Log cabin homes offer several advantages, including their natural beauty, energy efficiency, durability, and the opportunity to live in harmony with nature.

Cabins can built on a –
* Concrete base
* Timber frame base on block foundation
* Ground screws  

Every customers needs, plot and budget is different. Customers can choose to install their own base but must guarantee it’s level and to our satisfaction or you can arrange with us to have the base installed for you. We can provide customers with information and/or a site survey to get exact measurements for your cabin base. Please call us to discuss more.

As our cabins are supplied and delivered flat-packed our customers have the option to leave everything to us and our professional team when it comes to the assembly of the log cabin. Any one of our log cabins can be assembled for you by our professional and experienced team in no time at all. 

However, we understand some people may be into DIY projects or you may have your own builder in that case it’s possible and straightforward to install the cabin yourself as all the cabins come with assembly plans.

If you decide to go ahead with our professional building team to install your cabin we will bring all the tools required, we will also need access to a power supply. Customers who want their cabin installed by our fitters but have not pre-arranged to have the base installed with us must ensure the base is completed prior to the pre-arranged installation date and that the site is clear of any debris and ready for installation of the cabin.

If you decide to go for assembly with us please note that the installation date of the cabin may not be the same date as the delivery date. But no need to worry as will be in touch and keep you informed and up to date about your cabin throughout the whole process and set an installation date as soon as delivery date is set and customers confirm dates are suitable.

Our team takes pride in all the work that we do and every single project we build no matter how big or small we take satisfaction knowing our clients have a hassle and stress free journey with us from start to finish so you can be certain and rest assured you’re in good hands if you choose to go ahead with installation by our team. Our team has the expertise, knowledge and experience so your mind can be at ease knowing your cabin will be built to the finest standards.

Our cabins are made from exceptionally top quality durable Scandinavian spruce timber and are built to last a life time and we give our customers a minimum of a 10 year structural guarantee we offer with any of our cabins that are assembled by our team.

We include steel roof tile effect cladding with all our residential cabins and garden cabins. These roofs are ideal as they are tough, long-lasting and hard-wearing. The roof is completed with gutters and down pipes.
To keep the moisture or any dampness away and to keep your cabin in the best state and to retain the most heat of your cabin all our cabins come with damp proof membrane that is fully covering the structure of the cabin and with exterior insulation on the outside all around your cabin will be the most efficient.
The windows and doors that we provide with all our cabins are double glazed premium living type windows and doors. These are the premium tilt and turn windows that we install in all of our residential cabins. However, customers can choose different types of windows and doors for an extra cost. The options are PVC Double glazed or Premium Plus double glazed windows and doors.

For the best strength and balance we use premium 19mm tongue and grooved roof and floor boards which are internally visible. 

Flooring is completely down to customers preference whether that may be laminate, tiles or carpet it’s the customers choice and style.

To maintain your log cabin to the best standards we always recommend customers go ahead with full exterior insulation which will not only maintain as much heat as possible internally but protect your log cabin. As we install our insulation on the outside structure you will not loose any space inside your cabin. All our cabins come with 100mm external insulation which will give you an estimated B3 BER rating. We have different thickness size of insulation available and wall thickness also if requested by the customer. Our wall thickness starts at 189mm.
All our cabins come with a minimum of 100mm Premium floor insulation that is placed between our treated floor bearers and covered with a damp proof membrane. This method is done make sure the base of your cabin and insulation is kept dry and protected.

All of our cabins come with 100mm insulation and is covered with damp proof membrane. 

Roof insulation is the best way for every building to keep the heat in and prevent heat loss through the roof. Insulating a log cabin roof is an absolute must to maintain heat throughout the whole year especially the winter months. Our specially designed insulation not only keeps your cabin warm and cosy all year round but also keeps your cabin cooler in the summer months.

With our roof insulation breathable damp proof membrane is placed on the top which adds ventilation, security, and will keep the roof free of moisture. 2×1 battens are fixed vertically to create the cavity for ventilation. 2×1 battens horizontally are fixed on top creating a roof ready for steel cladding roof and 100mm insulation between the 4×2 timbers.

We our proud to work along side our partners in the well known and established MM ECOBUILD Construction Ltd construction company.
A turn key service takes all the stress and hassle away from you and allows you to literally just “turn the key” to your new cabin when it’s ready! From start to finish from bases and groundworks to electrics and plumbing they will take care of everything. When we say everything we mean everything they can also create your dream kitchen and bathroom!

* Sewage & water mains supply from €1500
* Electric Mains from € 750
* Electrics from €65 per electrical point
* Bathroom from €1590
* Plumbing from €1500
* Heating from €1000
* Kitchen from €1000

BioPro 98.2% Treatment Plant AT-8 &
Percolation system (if required) from €6800
Project Manager Nils Frisenbruders from MM ECOBUILD Construction Ltd
mob: +353 86 057 9431 office: +353 45 810 148
Email: [email protected]
All prices are subject to site survey and client specification.

We would be delighted to hear from you and about your specific project!

Do you want a cabin but none of our ones seem to suit perfectly to your style and needs? We want to ensure all our clients are 100% happy and satisfied with their choice of cabin. We give our clients the option to custom design a cabin. Also in any of our cabins any doors, windows and internal layouts can be changed to your preference. If you want a bespoke cabin designed by you this will be discussed and based on your own preference. bespoke cabin is based on your specification. Call our team to discuss more and get information on your own custom design cabin or email in your design with a sketch with measurements and doors and windows marked out to [email protected] We would be delighted to hear from you and about your specific project!

Yes! Our partnership with Humm allows our customers who meet the terms and conditions to avail of loans on any of our residential and gardens cabins of up to €30,000 and repayment terms up to 6 years payed back as monthly repayments. 
To see more information on Humm just click on the link here:

If you think you would like to avail of this service don’t hesitate to call us today or Humm.

We have tried our best to make our website easy accessible to all our clients and ensure you have hassle free time online with us! A 30% (non-refundable) deposit is essential to secure your order. You can pay in full online if you wish also. Once your order is placed we will contact you to confirm your order has been received. Once we receive the deposit for your cabin your order will be fully processed to go ahead and the remaining balance is required to be paid on the date of delivery.

For further information or questions about payments online please contact us on 0831153939 or + 0832053228.

Once you have placed your order and we have confirmed your happy to go ahead with the order and the deposit or full payment is made your cabin will be delivered between 8-12 weeks. We always aim and do our best to be on time no matter what, however, due to unforeseen circumstances or seasons times can change.

You may be wondering what is a flat pack or what does it mean.
Our flat pack kits can be delivered flat packed for DIY. We give our customers who do DIY or have building experience or their own builder the opportunity to build their own cabin themselves, as all of our cabins come with assembly plans and instructions for building. 

Please note: A delivery charge will apply to areas 50km outside Cavan.

Included in the flat pack is –

* Construction Drawings & Assembly Plans
* 45mm Solid Timber Walls
* 44x100mm Treated Floor Bearers
* 19mm TG Floor & Roof Boards
* Trims For Flooring
* Premium Living Type Windows and Doors Double Glazed Tilt & Turn
* Solid Glu-Laminated Superior Timber Doors (850mm x 2000mm)
* Doors Handles, Locks and 3 Keys
* Windows Handles
* All Doors No Stressholds
* Timber Windboards For Roof
* All Parts Labeled And Marked On Plans

This is a common question we have and the answer is yes you can! Some of our cabins already have a terrace but any of our cabins can be built with a terrace or without it’s all down to personal choice. We can add on terrace to all of our cabins or to an existing cabin you have.

Firstly, you can build to add up to 40 m2 to an existing house without planning permission. We offer our customers the opportunity to expand and extend their own home easily and creating more space for you and your family hassle free with our cabin extensions which can be rendered on the outside to make it blend in with your existing home if you wish. You can also build up to 25 m2 without planning permission, as long as there is a minimum of 25 m2 garden space remaining. A perfect example of this is our 1 bedroom Brian cabin 5.8m x 5m (25m2) which we have as our showroom in Co. Cavan that you are more than welcome to come and visit! Call us today for an appointment to view our showroom. Any one of our garden cabins do not need planning permission. 

Many people are unsure and unaware about the facts when it comes to planning permission relating to log cabins. Discussing planning permission can be a complex conversation. If you are not sure about the rules and regulations regarding to planning permission we always advise our customers to contact their local planning authority/county council to find out more if you would need planning permission as every area differs.
You also contact citizens information or visit their website

Please note:

If you are enquiring about planning permission to your planning authority it’s advised to refer to the structure as a TIMBER FRAMED BUILDING instead of a LOG CABIN. Log cabins are made of timber so they are considered timber framed structures therefore it would be more beneficial to you and your chance of attaining planning permission to mention timber framed building as opposed to a log cabin as unfortunately not everybody understands the concept and fantastic potential of our log cabins especially now in the midst of a housing crisis. In accordance to the law it doesn’t matter structure or size any structure or building that is intended for residential use/living in must officially have planning permission. Furthermore our cabins are environmentally and eco friendly. We also like to take the financial side of things into consideration as the cost of living and rent prices rise every day we know some people are struggling to make ends meet we understand not everybody is in the position or can afford to build a house or get a approved for mortage. That’s why we believe that our cabins can be a new alternative living option to people all over Ireland.

There is 3 types of planning permission – full planning permission, outline planning permission and retention planning permission.

Although we always advise all of our customers to seek out the correct advice and rules about planning permission in their area there is some people who choose to go ahead without planning permission. Numerous people are proceeding to build there cabin without planning permission (retention permission) especially in rural or concealed areas more so in family properties, gardens and farms. While you may decide to go down this route just remember there is a risk of a complaint. While this is rarely the case it’s important to know your local authority may intervene and may ask you to remove your cabin or start a legal action against you. If in 7 years nobody has intervened or took any action against you regarding your cabin then you are safe from any legal or enforcement action against you in relation to your cabin from then on and after.
We can only advise our customers on this matter, any information we have given here is only a guideline it’s not definitive and we always advise our customers to comply with the local authorities and their rules in your area.”

Fully built means that we will come to the site and build the cabin from start to finish. 

Please note: Groundworks, Concrete slab, Electrics, Plumbing, Heating, Kitchen, Painting is not included in the fully built option, but do not worry as for people who do not want to deal with all of this, we offer our customers a turnkey option which means you can sit back and relax through the entire process, all you have to do is tell us everything you wish for and just turn the key to your new fully built and ready home.)

If you decide you want us to build your cabin then what’s included –
* 189mm Insulated Double Cavity – External Wall pressure treated
* 100mm Premium external wall Insulation
* 100mm Floor Insulation
* 100mm Roof Insulation
* Damp Proof Membrane For Floor Roof and Walls
* 44×100 Treated Floor Bearers
* 45mm Solid Timber Internal Walls
* 19mm TG Floor And Ceilings Boards
* Trims For Flooring
* Screws, Nails, Steel brackets, Expanding foam
* Black Steel Roof tile effect
* Steel windboards for roof
* Gutters and Downpipes
* Premium Living Type Windows and Doors Double Glazed Tilt & Turn
* Windows Handles
* Solid Glulam Timber Doors with Handles, Locks and 3 Keys (850mm x 2000mm)
* All Doors No Stressholds
* Windows Boxes, Skirting, Trims & Architraves
* Construction Drawings & Assembly Plans
Not Included: Groundworks, Concrete slab, Electrics, Plumbing, Heating, Kitchen, Painting.

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